Scoliosis can have a significant impact on your frame, silhouette and self-confidence. This can make it difficult to find clothes that complement your body – particularly if you have an uneven rib cage, lopsided hips, and/or uneven shoulders.  


When it comes to winter clothes, most people wrap up in warm, cosy layers. This is great news for scoliosis patients who are conscious about showing too much skin or wearing tight-fitting clothes that emphasise their spinal curves. Here are a few winter-appropriate layering options:

Padded blazer

1. Padded Blazer

Choosing a blazer with shoulder pads, like the one shown above, is a great way to make your shoulders look more symmetrical. Plus, a blazer adds an all-important extra layer to any winter outfit. A warm, padded blazer can complement dressy and casual outfits; pair it with jeans and t-shirt for a casual look, or a midi dress and heels for a cosy going-out ensemble. However you style it, you can rest assured that your padded blazer will make you feel a million dollars.

Woman with knit scarf

2. Chunky Knit Scarves

To make a cosy fashion statement and draw attention away from any differences in your shoulders, you could also opt for a chunky knit scarf. There are hundreds of different options available, so you can choose a scarf that complements your personal style perfectly. Plus, these cosy wardrobe additions will keep you delightfully warm while you’re out and about during the winter months.  

Going-Out Wear

Most of us spend our winter days and nights tucked up in comfy loungewear, but you will occasionally have to ditch your pyjamas for a more sophisticated look. Don’t worry, though – there are plenty of scoliosis-friendly options out there. With these simple tips, you can rock the ‘effortlessly put-together’ look while still staying nice and warm.

Jumper dress

1. T-Shirt / Jumper Dresses

A loose-fitting jumper dress or tunic can provide a bit of extra coverage for self-conscious scoliosis patients. Jumper dresses are a great option if you have a party, winter celebration or dinner date that you want to look classy for without feeling exposed. Black is always a great colour option – it’s slimming and looks great with every skin tone – but there’s nothing to stop you from expressing yourself with a brightly-coloured or patterned dress. Don’t let your scoliosis hold you back!

Fashion accessories

2. Accessories

It might sound silly, but choosing the right accessories can really elevate an otherwise plain outfit and make you feel better about the way you look. Bold accessories will help you to express your personal style while drawing attention away from your scoliosis curvature. Choose a large clutch or cross-body bag to balance out a prominent hip, or statement shoes to draw the eye down the body. Accessories can be a great addition to any wardrobe all year round, so choose your winter accessories wisely and you’re sure to feel great. If you have scoliosis, why not get in touch with the team here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic? We provide exercise-based treatment courses that can help you to achieve noticeable differences in your appearance. Contact us today to find out more.
For people with scoliosis, low self-confidence and insecurities about one’s physical appearance are all too common. Here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, we want to promote positive body image and inspire everyone with scoliosis to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. That being said, we understand that finding clothes to fit your body can be a struggle when you have a curved spine. You may have uneven shoulders, prominent ribs, or some other kind of asymmetry, and as a result, you might find that standard skirts and trousers don’t sit properly, or that dresses and shirts fit your body in a strange way. But there are ways to overcome these problems. Here are some summer clothing tips for people with scoliosis!  

Male and female clothing models


One of the easiest ways to accessorise your summer outfit so that your curvature is less noticeable is to throw on a jacket or casual shirt. This is a great option if you already own some clothing that you don’t feel 100% confident wearing. For the time being, you can use your jacket to give you a little bit of extra coverage, and if you find yourself feeling adventurous and decide to show off your new T-shirt or cute crop top, your jacket can easily be removed! Lightweight flannel shirts, denim jackets, soft leather jackets or a shawl are all ideal options for warm summer days.  

Woman in loose, floaty clothing

Loose and Floaty

Another good way to help reduce the visibility your curve is to wear clothes that don’t cling to your body. This works in your favour when the temperature is high – loose, floaty clothes are the best at keeping you cool while still looking effortlessly stylish! For ladies, babydoll dresses, T-shirt dresses, wide leg trousers, and lightweight blouses are all perfect options (and they’re always on-trend). For men, linen tops and oversized T-shirts are sure to do the trick. Choose a print, colour or design that makes you feel good and you’ll be suitably covered without looking frumpy or boring.  

Summer footwear

Comfortable Footwear

Comfortable summer footwear is a must if you have scoliosis – or even if you don’t! Try and choose something cushioned that offers support whilst still being breathable. If you’re heading out with family or friends, you don’t want to jolt your spine and potentially cause yourself severe pain because you’ve chosen inappropriate footwear.

Flip-flops and sliders don’t offer very much support, and your feet can slip around in them a lot. They also tend to have very thin soles, which don’t provide ample cushioning. Ideally, you want to choose a shoe that covers your whole foot and also has a cushioned sole to reduce the likelihood of a harsh jolt.

Canvas slip-on shoes like those pictured above are ideal and look great on both men and women. Similarly, good quality sandals with chunky ankle straps will support your feet and ankles while still letting your feet breathe. Another excellent choice for both men and women.

We hope that these summer clothing tips will help you to feel like your best self when temperatures soar this summer. Of course, if you would like to start working towards reducing your scoliosis curve using exercise-based therapy, we can also help with that!

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Scoliosis Brace Clothing

Minors who are diagnosed with scoliosis (an excessive curvature of the spine) are often told to wear a scoliosis brace to prevent the curve from getting worse as they continue to grow. Bracing is an important part of the treatment process in many cases, but wearing a rigid plastic shell every day can take some getting used to. If you have to start wearing a scoliosis brace, there’s a good chance that it will affect the way you dress. Of course, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but we’re here to give you a few pointers on the tricky topic of scoliosis brace clothing.

What to wear with a scoliosis brace

  • Tight-fitting clothes underneath the brace
To make your scoliosis brace feel as comfortable as possible, we recommend wearing some thin clothes beneath it. Try to find light, tight-fitting garments, as these will ensure that your brace is still able to do its job. Things like a cami top, tank top or a vest are suitable to wear beneath most braces. However, if your scoliosis brace reaches your armpits, you may be more comfortable wearing a t-shirt. It may also be more comfortable to wear leggings or tights on your lower half as this will cover the area where the brace sits.
  • Long tops and asymmetrical shirts/dresses
Concerned about what your brace might look like? Long, flowing tops are an attractive and concealing fashion choice. Long tops are perfect for summer (as well as for layering up in the winter). Similarly, asymmetrical shirts and dresses can help cover up parts of the scoliosis brace you don’t want to show. The off-the-shoulder fit can cover the auxiliary piece of the brace, and the slanting trim will be able to cover any part of your brace that goes down to your hip.
  • Hoodies and elasticated trousers
You may find you prefer wearing elasticated trousers over or underneath your scoliosis brace. Either way, elasticated trousers are a good go-to piece of clothing, and will keep you looking smart. Hoodies are also great for both guys and girls who would prefer to layer up when wearing a brace. They’re ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable during the winter months, too.
  • Maxi dresses and pleated skirts for special occasions
If you’re looking for something to wear to an event whilst wearing your scoliosis brace, we recommend maxi dresses and pleated skirts. Both cover the outline of the brace from the hip down beautifully. The elasticated waist will emphasise your waistline, which may be concealed slightly by the brace, and the pleated skirts will emphasise your hips.
  • Layered clothing
A scoliosis brace can cause your clothes to feel slightly uncomfortable as they may hang differently. If you find this is the case, layering up can help your clothes feel more comfortable. For example, wearing an infinity scarf, a long cardigan or even a jacket can help conceal any areas of the brace which may show through your clothes. It’s also a really cosy fashion statement all year through and can help boost your confidence when dressing with a scoliosis brace. The Scoliosis SOS Clinic provides treatment to scoliosis patients of all ages. If you’d like to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us today!
Scoliosis Clothing
Anyone can develop scoliosis, although it affects girls more often than boys, and idiopathic scoliosis – the condition’s most common form – almost always develops during adolescence. Due to the visible symptoms of scoliosis, people with curved spines (especially teenagers) often feel insecure and uncomfortable, which can lead to them avoiding certain clothing if they feel it is likely to draw attention to the spinal curve.
Finding clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable can be difficult when you’re a scoliosis sufferer, so we thought that it would be a good idea to share a few tips:


Layering is the perfect way to hide your uneven joints or the outline of your scoliosis brace (if you wear one). Denim jackets, cardigans and button-downs are always in fashion, and they’re great for adding a little extra coverage. Some scoliosis sufferers also use shoulder pads to balance out their uneven shoulders.

Asymmetrical Lines & Eye-Catching Features

Clothing with asymmetrical lines is a great way to make a statement whilst also drawing attention away from uneven shoulders or hips. Fabric that drapes unconventionally gives you a relaxed look that will always be in style, while garments with eye-catching features will also help to draw attention away from your curved spine.

Peplum Tops

The peplum top has been on the high street for quite some time now, and is especially ideal for those who have lumbar spinal curves. Peplum tops are a great way to look fashionable and add extra dimension to our outfit whilst also concealing your spinal curvature.

Swing and Skater Dresses

Dressing up can be difficult when you suffer with scoliosis, and trying to find a dress that complements or hides the shape of your back can be difficult. Swing or skater dresses are ideal if you’re looking to dress up for those special events, as they provide a flattering fit without clinging to your curve.

Don’t Forget to Accessorise!

Accessories are very useful if you suffer from scoliosis. They’re a great way to express your sense of style and draw attention away from areas that you want to play down. A large bag can help balance out your hips, whilst a scarf is a great way to hide your uneven shoulders and draw attention to your face. 
If you’re a scoliosis sufferer and you’re looking for a treatment method other than bracing or surgery, you may be interested in our ScolioGold treatment courses. If you wish to book an initial consultation, or if you have any questions, please contact us today!