Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis exercises are key to improving spine curvature and strengthening your core. At Scoliosis SOS, our scoliosis treatment courses, such as our ScolioGold programme, focus on scoliosis correction exercises which are designed to realign the spine and improve balance and posture. We can recommend the best core exercises for scoliosis to practise and replicate for your specific situation, creating a tailored treatment plan that includes virtual therapy.

Enhance your spine’s health and see firsthand how much of a difference the right scoliosis exercises can make. Book a consultation with our specialists today. Alternatively, contact us for more information or enquiries.

Scoliosis At-Home Workout

Interested in trying out scoliosis stretches at home? We have compiled a list of the best scoliosis exercises to try in the videos below.

IMPORTANT: If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately. Scoliosis SOS accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained from performing these exercises.

Standing against the wall

This is a very simple routine that builds strength, improves your posture, and requires nothing more than a flat wall to stand against. It can also be performed whilst lying on the floor.

Leg/arm extensions (a.k.a. ‘bird dog stretches’)

This stretch is often performed using an inflatable exercise ball, but it can be done without if you prefer.

Spinal elongation

Elongation is an important part of treating scoliosis effectively. This exercise can be performed using wall bars or a secure chin-up bar.

Ballerina stretch

This exercise aims to stretch the muscles in your back and the muscles along the side of your body.

Pectoral stretch

This exercise is designed to stretch the pectoral muscles.

Threading the needle

This stretch is all about increasing the mobility in your thoracic spine.

Use the links below to find out more about our exercise-based treatment courses:

Disclaimer: The information and videos on this page should not be treated as medical advice. The scoliosis exercises described may not be suitable or beneficial for everyone. You should not begin any exercise routine without consulting a qualified health practitioner, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or if you have any chronic or recurring conditions. Any application of scoliosis exercises suggested is at the viewer's sole discretion and risk. Scoliosis SOS accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or injuries caused directly or indirectly through performing any of the exercises described here. If you feel any discomfort or pain during exercise, stop immediately. Always consult your own GP if you are in any way concerned about your health or anything associated with it.
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