Scoliosis Treatment Courses

How long is a scoliosis course?

Patients usually attend our clinic for a 4-week course of treatment. This can either be in one single 4-week block or two blocks of 2 weeks to fit around a patient’s work or school schedule. The treatment programme is for 6 hours each day, 5 days per week.

Scoliosis treatment

How often do treatment courses run?

Our scoliosis courses run consecutively every 4 weeks throughout the year. View upcoming course dates here.

Prior to coming in for treatment, patients need to have an Initial Consultation Appointment either in person (UK Residents) or over Zoom/Skype/Telephone call (Overseas Residents) to ensure that treatment will be suitable and effective for their condition.

What does a treatment course include?

The ScolioGold method is a combination of internationally-renowned non-surgical methods of treating scoliosis. The treatment entails 4 weeks of intensive therapy with our highly qualified, specialist therapists.

Our ScolioGold courses comprise the following:
  • Initial consultation with one of our resident Scoliosis Consultants to evaluate your spinal condition & associated symptoms to provide you with the most accurate advice on your treatment options, enabling you to make a fully-informed decision.
  • Weekly radiation-free measurements of your back including a Spinal Scan (back symmetry), Scoliometer/Inclinometer (spinal rotation or forward flexion), Spirometer (lung capacity), Photographs (cosmetic improvement), Visual Analog Scale (pain levels) and Scoliosis Research Society Questionnaire (quality of life).
  • Your own individually customised programme of exercises to promote correction of your asymmetric posture; tailored to each individual’s curvature/condition, these are taught and supervised by our fully qualified team of medical specialists.
  • A series of talks and discussions to promote understanding of your spinal condition, awareness of your correct posture in daily activities, explanation about the measurements taken during your treatment, principles of the ScolioGold method and details of our support system for when you return home.
  • Final consultation to discuss the corrections and improvements you have made during your treatment course, as well as how you can continue to improve your spinal condition in the future.

Scoliosis treatment courses

By the end of our 4-week ScolioGold programme, we ensure that each patient is able to confidently adopt and recognise his/her personal corrected posture without the help of a therapist and to practice this in everyday life. Contact us now to learn more about our scoliosis courses and book your initial consultation.

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I'm grateful to have found Scoliosis SOS in my search for a treatment option for my back. I'm inspired by your work and dedication to this clinic and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating an opportunity for me and everyone else to help their backs non-surgically...

Zainab, 16 from Tanzania

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