Going Abroad for Scoliosis Treatment?

We’re always happy to treat patients from other countries!

The Scoliosis SOS Clinic is located in London, England, but people with scoliosis travel from all around the world to receive treatment at our clinic.

Each dot on the map below links to the story of a Scoliosis SOS patient from that location – click on the dots to learn about each person’s experience with scoliosis and their treatment at our UK clinic.

The administration team at Scoliosis SOS are always happy to speak with people who are looking to undergo scoliosis treatment abroad. Please contact the office on 0207 488 4428 or fill out our Contact Form if you have any questions.

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Meet The Team

I was amazed at the dedication of the team – you are all very special people, and thanks for giving me my waist back!

Sheila, 62 from Suffolk