Scoliosis Consultation

Why do I need an initial consultation?

Before we can accept any patient for treatment, they must first come and see one of our specialist consultants at the Scoliosis SOS. (It is also possible to arrange a telephone consultation appointment, whereby photographs of the patient's back and/or their X-rays can be emailed or posted prior to the appointment. The scoliosis consultation is then conducted in exactly the same way, but over the telephone. However, please note that we have had patients from Ireland, Scotland and Wales who flew here and back for their consultation in the same day!)

The reason for this initial consultation is so that we can be sure that a patient will benefit from our programme and that our treatment programme will be suitable and effective for their back condition.

Back problems

What to expect from your scoliosis consultation

Your consultation appointment will last between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on your condition and the number of questions you may wish to ask.

Your consultant will start by going through your medical history relevant to your spinal condition, any symptoms you currently experience (such as back pain or compromised breathing), and details of any treatment you have previously undergone for your back problems.

Next, they will conduct a medical examination and evaluation of your spine and back; this will include taking two measurements. The first allows us to assess the amount of rotation (for scoliosis patients) or kyphosis/forward bend (for hyperkyphosis/posture patients) of your spine; the second is a radiation-free back scan, during which a light is projected onto your back and a photograph taken (the computer then analyses this image to calculate your back shape and profile). A copy of this scan will be provided for your records and both sets of results discussed with you fully during your visit.

Back pain consultation

Your consultant will then explain your condition and the various options available. As there is a lot of information to absorb, you are welcome to bring a companion to support you and/or make notes during your consultation. At the end of your appointment, the next steps will be outlined:
  • Summarising the clinical diagnosis
  • Proposed treatment including expected outcomes
  • Timescales
You will also be given the opportunity to briefly visit one of our treatment rooms to see a ScolioGold therapy session in progress and meet some of our current patients.

Following your initial back pain consultation, you are under no obligation to book treatment – however, if you want to make a fully-informed decision about your treatment choice (i.e. whether you go for a surgical or non-surgical route), then we would recommend that you avail yourself with the facts and risks before making the decision, which will most certainly be life-changing.

If you would like someone to contact you to arrange an appointment, please complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

We charge £75 for an Initial Consultation Appointment at our clinic, which includes your spinal scan. Telephone consultations are charged at £45.
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