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Scoliosis Patient Stories: 2019

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Scoliosis Won’t Stop Cydney Dancing!

Cydney is a 17-year-old girl from London. When her dance teacher noticed that she had scoliosis, she underwent general NHS physiotherapy, but this wasn’t as effective as our scoliosis-specific treatment programme.

Yasamin: From Iran to the UK for Scoliosis Treatment

An Iranian girl named Yasamin travelled to our clinic in London because she wanted to manage her scoliosis without undergoing surgery. She found her 4-week ScolioGold therapy course very beneficial indeed.

Susanne’s Standing Straighter Thanks to ScolioGold!

We helped 69-year-old Susanne from Devon to reduce her spinal curve and stand up straighter. Susanne says that she found our hyperkyphosis treatment programme ‘empowering’ and ‘liberating’.

Scoliosis Treatment for Frankie from Florida, USA

Frankie had to take a break from the US military because his scoliosis was giving him problems. He decided to travel to Europe for non-surgical treatment, and ended up coming to us for a 4-week ScolioGold course.

Pia & Lova: Mother and Daughter with Scoliosis

Pia and Lova Lofgren came to London from Sweden to complete a scoliosis treatment course together. Both achieved great results with the help of our ScolioGold therapists, and Lova no longer requires spinal surgery!

Ugne’s Scoliosis Treatment Experience

Ugne was diagnosed with scoliosis in her teens. She had undergone some treatment in the past, which helped with her pain, but she came to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic in the hope that we could reduce the appearance of her curvature.

Scoliosis Patient Stories: 2018

Making Matthew Taller!

As a teen, Matthew was told that he would grow out of his round-shouldered posture, but he was still experiencing discomfort well into his 20s. Our treatment course addressed this and made him 3.8cm taller!

Isabella’s Alternative to a Scoliosis Brace

Isabella’s idiopathic scoliosis progressed to the point where she needed a SpineCor brace. But she was reluctant to wear it, and came to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic in the hope that we could help her instead.

Scoliosis Improvement for Ian from Ghana

Ian came to London from Ghana to get treated at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic. Watch the video to find out what he thought of our treatment programme and how he enjoyed his first visit to the UK.

Scoliosis Treatment at 60

Max was diagnosed with scoliosis in his teens, but no treatment was available on the NHS at the time, and so he carried on without getting his condition treated. Watch our video to find out how we helped him.

Scoliosis Patient Stories: 2017

Grace Improves Her Posture with ScolioGold

Grace from Essex has a fluid-filled cyst in her spinal cord (syringomyelia). Her scoliosis and kyphosis are related to this – watch the video to find out how we helped her.

Scoliosis Patient Stories: 2016

Ahda travels from Malaysia to avoid scoliosis surgery

Ahda Khalil (12yrs) from Malaysia was diagnosed with scoliosis by a school nurse. Her father took her to see three spinal surgeons in Kuala Lumpur who all recommended surgery, as her curve was over 40 degrees.

Changing My Posture with Exercise after Spinal Fusion Surgery

Rachel Stanton, 17 years old from Essex, had spinal fusion 3 years ago, but subsequently developed a second scoliosis curve in her lumbar spine and was told she would need another surgery to straighten it.

How I overcame Scoliosis – Rowan’s Story

Rowan Cottee, 22 years old from Essex, has been a patient at the Scoliosis SOS clinic for the last 4 years. He talks about the long-term benefits of the ScolioGold therapy programme for his condition.

Dealing with my 25 Degree Scoliosis – Dea’s Story

16-year-old Dea Dragashi, from London, dreams of one day becoming an author, but back pain from her spinal condition scoliosis threatened to prevent her from achieving this.

Axel's Journey from Sweden for Scheuermann's Treatment

30-year-old Axel from Sweden is a software developer and finds the long hours he spends working at his desk have made his Scheuermann's Disease increase. Now after a 2-week Fast Track course his posture is better than ever.

Eileen’s inspirational scoliosis journey

After years of pain and disability, 58-year-old Eileen Morgan from Cheshire has got her life back on track thanks to a new exercise programme from specialist scoliosis clinic, Scoliosis SOS.

Sara Steers Clear of Spinal Surgery

Sara’s older brother underwent surgery to correct his severe spinal curvature. When Sara was diagnosed as well, she and her mum were eager to find a different solution, and so they came to us for early-stage scoliosis treatment.

Scoliosis at Seventy: Brenda’s Story

Brenda is from Warrington, and she was only diagnosed with scoliosis in her late 60s. 6 years after her first visit to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, we sat down with Brenda for a catch-up.

Nicole from Ghana: Taller and Happier!

Postural problems run in Nicole’s family, and she knew that she needed to seek treatment for her own condition ASAP. This video was recorded after two weeks of ScolioGold treatment.

Travelling from the USA to England to Avoid Surgery

Juliane is from Washington, D.C., but she crossed the Atlantic and came to our clinic in London after non-specific physiotherapy failed to address her muscular imbalance.

Rower Phoebe Overcomes Her Shoulder Pain

In this video, a 15-year-old rower named Phoebe discusses the pain she was suffering as a result of her scoliosis and explains how ScolioGold therapy helped her to get back in action.

Tiani from Sri Lanka Finds an Alternative to Surgery

Tiani Perera was told that surgery was the only way to treat her 50+ degree scoliosis effectively. However, after 4 weeks at our clinic, she noticed a huge improvement in her condition.

Nancy from NYC on Scoliosis and Pregnancy

Nancy Laudon travelled to our clinic all the way from New York City. Here, she discusses her desire to have more children and the problems that pregnancy can pose for scoliosis sufferers.

Lottie Tackles Her Scoliosis Early

Lottie, a young dancer from Surrey and the sister of one of our other patients, came to our clinic for treatment as soon as she was diagnosed with a progressive spinal curve.

From Albania to the UK for Scoliosis Treatment

In this video, Ornela – a 21-year-old woman from Albania – recalls being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 19 and reflects on how our non-surgical treatment course helped her.

Connor Gets His Pain Under Control

Connor Bartlett represented Great Britain at the 2014 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships. His curved spine was causing debilitating pain, and so he came to us in the hope of getting it under control.

Catching Up with Marianne from France

In 2012, Marianne travelled here from her home in Normandy to receive scoliosis treatment. 4 years on, she is living an active life and preparing to start university.

Sisters from East Sussex Reduce Their Spinal Curves Together

Alayna (16) and Jasmine (13) are two girls from East Sussex. They were diagnosed with scoliosis within a year of each other, and came to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic together.

Scoliosis Treatment for Olga from Canada

Olga Reutov is an 18-year-old from Alberta, Canada. She is one of several scoliosis sufferers in her family, and she came to us after unsuccessfully trying a range of other treatments.

Treating Molly’s Teenage Scoliosis

Molly, a teenage girl from Woodbridge, decided against surgery when she was referred to her hospital for scoliosis. Instead, she attended one of our ScolioGold courses.

From Rucks and Mauls to Scoliosis Exercise Balls

Ben is a rugby player from Sydney. His sister had already received treatment at our clinic, and so when he was diagnosed with scoliosis, he decided to do the same.

Treating My 55 Degree Scoliosis With ScolioGold

Veronica is an avid dancer and tennis player from Shrewsbury. We helped to treat her 55° curve, ensuring that she wouldn’t require a spinal fusion.

Madhav gets Back in the Saddle after Scoliosis Treatment

Madhav is a keen equestrian from India. His scoliosis was a threat to his show jumping career, but our course left him pain-free and ready to get back in the saddle.

Carol Inskipp – Scoliosis Treatment as an Adult Patient

Carol, a keen walker, was told that her painful spinal curvature may force her to hang up her boots. Here, she explains how Scoliosis SOS helped to keep her trekking.

Cobb Angle Reduction for Camilla from Norway

In this video, Camilla explains how her spinal curvature was diagnosed and why she came to our clinic from Norway once her curve had progressed to 43°.

Francisco’s Scoliosis Decreased 12 Degress with ScolioGold Treatment

Franscisco is from Oxford, and he came to our clinic after his spinal curve progressed to an angle of 30°. Our treatment course decreased his Cobb angle to just 18°.

Kayla’s Quest from Kuwait for Scoliosis Treatment

After receiving a range of different opinions from doctors in Kuwait, 15-year-old Kayla came to London for a consultation with Scoliosis SOS. Find out more in this video.

Getting Melody Back on Track

Melody is an interior design student and the daughter of pianist Louis Vause. In this clip, father and daughter discuss their experiences at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic.

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness & Scoliosis – Chloe Cook

Chloe developed scoliosis after a traumatic brain injury she sustained in 2004. Listen to her inspirational story (and how we helped with her scoliosis) in this clip.

Flying in from Faroe Islands for Scoliosis Treatment – Jenny Joeson

Jenny Joesen is from the Faroe Islands. She travelled to the Scolisosis SOS Clinic after three surgical operations failed to curb the pain her scoliosis was causing.

7 years on Hussainah’s glad she chose ScolioGold over surgery

At the age of 14, Hussainah Mulla came to our clinic from Yorkshire for a scoliosis treatment course. 7 years later, we sat down with Hussainah for a catch-up.

I travelled from Cyprus to the UK for a second opinion - Maria's Story

Maria is from Cyprus. She travelled to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic for a consultation at the age of 15, and in this video she explains why she decided to do so.

ScolioGold Six Years On – Molly’s Story

Molly came to our clinic from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Six years later, she returned to discuss the long-term benefits of her treatment course.

Aspiring Actor Jamie Perfects his Posture

Jamie, who is studying musical theatre at Croydon’s famous BRIT school, came to us for scoliosis treatment because his spinal problems were affecting his performance.

Travelling from Norway – Martine’s Story

Martine travelled to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic from Norway. In this short video interview, she talks about her experience of staying in London to receive treatment.

My Two Week Treatment Experience

This patient was diagnosed with scoliosis after years of pain and postural problems. She attended one of our special ‘Pain & Posture’ courses, which last 2 weeks.

Making Postural Changes – Martha’s Experience

Martha’s scoliosis was diagnosed very recently. Her family wanted to start treatment ASAP, so she took time off school to attend a four-week treatment course.

Canada’s Twisted Sister Talks Treatment

Jennifer from Vancouver has a popular scoliosis blog called Twisted Sister. In this video, she talks about her condition, her Scoliosis SOS experience, and why she blogs.

Scoliosis Patient Stories: 2015

New Year, New Back for Rachel

Rachel, who lives here in London, has suffered from scoliosis since childhood. She came to Scoliosis SOS in 2015 when the pain began to affect her work.

Celebrating Christmas with Straighter Spines

In this clip, we interview two patients who completed their ScolioGold courses in time for Christmas 2015: Gabby, a Swiss gymnast, and Amy, a dancer from Kent.

Danish Physio’s Daughter comes for Treatment

After being diagnosed with scoliosis, Helena came to our clinic from Denmark with her father Tomas, a physiotherapist. Here, the two of them discuss the experience.

Flying in from France for treatment

Jonathan has Guillain-Barré syndrome, which has a severe effect on the muscles. Treating scoliosis in GBS sufferers can be challenging – find out how we helped Jonathan in this video.

From Monastery to Mansell Street!

Maria Martinelli is a Buddhist nun who travelled to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic from Scotland. Find out how our exercise-based treatment course helped with her condition.

Tilly Kata – My Patient Experience

Tilly is a 12-year-old girl from Oxfordshire. After completing a four-week treatment course at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, she sat down to discuss her experience.

Travelling from Taiwan for Treatment

Amy travelled to London all the way from Taiwan to receive treatment for her curved spine. In this clip, she tells her story and shares her Scoliosis SOS experience.

Anne Sellick – My Patient Experience

Anne, a retired nurse from Chigwell, came to the Scoliosis SOS clinic after noticing that her back pain was getting worse. Hear her story here.

Michael presenting research at SOSORT 2015

Michael Bradley is one of our ScolioGold consultants. This clip shows him presenting our scoliosis research at SOSORT 2015, which was held in Poland.

Scoliosis on BBC Breakfast

Erika Maude, founder of the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, was interviewed on BBC Breakfast alongside a former patient of the clinic. Watch it again here.

Fiona Wilson – October 2015

Fiona from Preston was diagnosed with scoliosis after visiting her doctor for a cough. Find out how we helped her to overcome the pain and discomfort she experienced.

Inky & Isobel – October 2015

Inky and Isobel became friends after meeting at our clinic in 2012. In this clip, they discuss their personal experiences with scoliosis and our treatment courses.

Yana Sultana – September 2015

Yana’s 38° spinal curve was diagnosed after an appendectomy. Here, Yana and her mother discuss scoliosis, bracing, and travelling from Malta to receive treatment.

Blue Crockart – July 2015

After learning about her scoliosis and researching treatment options, Blue came to our clinic from China because she didn’t want to undergo a risky surgical procedure.

Mia Aston – July 2015

Mia completed a ScolioGold course at our clinic and her Cobb angle went from 24° to just 20°, meaning that she now only has to wear her back brace at night.

Saffie & Tobey Turl – July 2015

Tobey and Saffie are siblings, and they both travelled to our clinic from Hong Kong after being diagnosed with scoliosis. In this clip, they share their stories.

Yan Ying Sim – July 2015

18-year-old Yan Ying Sim travelled to London from Singapore to get treatment for her curved spine. Here, she talks about her experience of scoliosis and ScolioGold.

Alison King – June 2015

After 20 years of discomfort and compromised mobility, Alison was finally diagnosed with scoliosis in 2010. Find out how we changed her life for the better.

Anna Smith – June 2015

Anna came to us after getting engaged because she was worried about how her back would look on the big day. We helped to boost her confidence!

Georgie Holman – June 2015

Georgie was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12. After trying many different treatments over the years, our ScolioGold course finally made a real difference.

Louise Stewart-Scott – June 2015

Louise, an acrobat from Jersey, has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. In this clip, Louise talks about the condition and how Scoliosis SOS helped to treat it.

Oyenike (Nikke) Komolafe – June 2015

Nikke takes some time out from her final week of treatment to talk about her scoliosis, how it was diagnosed, and why she came to our clinic from Nigeria.

Ava, Madeline & Phoebe – May 2015

Three teenage girls from various parts of the UK share their experiences and explain why they came to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic.

Kurt Wunder – May 2015

Kurt travelled to London from California to receive treatment for his curved spine. Find out why he made the journey in this interview.

Monay Sudo – May 2015

Monay came to us from Queensland after trying numerous other treatments. Find out how we helped her to feel more independent.

Lauren Hill – April 2015

Champion acrobat Lauren Hill explains how she has benefitted from her scoliosis treatment course.

Louis & Lara April – 2015

Two young patients, Louis and Lara, talk about their experiences at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic.

Scoliosis SOS – Treatment methods

This video takes a look at some of the treatment methods we use here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic.

Meet The Team

Thank you very much for all of your support and guidance over the last few months. You have taught me to be confident with my scoliosis. Thanks for all your hard work.

Katie, 16 from Kent

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