Quality of life

Quality of life is defined as ‘the general wellbeing of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness rather than wealth’ (Collins English Dictionary). In this blog post, we will explore what quality of life means for a person with scoliosis, and we will look at the ways in which our ScolioGold treatment programme can help to improve quality of life for scoliosis patients.

What is life like for a person with scoliosis?

The symptoms of scoliosis – and their severity – vary greatly from one case to the next. Here are some of the ways in which this condition can affect an individual’s quality of life:
  • Body Image – A curved spine can have a big impact on one’s overall appearance: hips and shoulders may be uneven, ribs may protrude, and the patient might have an uneven gait while walking. As a result, some people with scoliosis end up feeling insecure about how they look. This reduced confidence can prevent them from doing things they would otherwise have liked to do, such as wearing a particular type of clothing or participating in certain activities. Low self-esteem is particularly common in young people with scoliosis.
  • Pain & Discomfort – Beyond the cosmetic effects of scoliosis, those with curved spines may also experience recurring back pain and reduced mobility/flexibility. This can prevent them from playing sports, carrying heavy weights, and in extreme cases, even carrying out everyday tasks like bathing and getting dressed.
However, many scoliosis patients are able to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle in spite of their condition. Assisting with this is one of our key aims here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic – we want our patients to keep on enjoying their favourite activities and living the lives they choose for themselves!

Can ScolioGold treatment improve quality of life?

Our 4-week ScolioGold treatment courses are specifically designed to improve overall quality of life for scoliosis patients. Our ScolioGold programme combines a variety of exercises and methods that are tailored to each individual’s specific condition to help them achieve the results they want. While undergoing treatment with us, patients learn and practise exercises that improve their mobility, reduce their spinal curvature and relieve their back pain. This often has the knock-on effect of improving their self-confidence and body image.

ScolioGold Quality of Life Treatment

Putting our treatment to the test

In 2016, we at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic conducted a study to test the effectiveness of ScolioGold therapy on patients’ quality of life. 161 patients took part in this study (97% provided pre-treatment data; 68% provided pre- and post-treatment data). The patients were asked to fill out an SRS-30 and an EQ5D5L questionnaire. These measure quality of life on factors such as:
  • Mobility
  • Self-care
  • Usual activities
  • Pain
  • Anxiety and depression
The results of this study demonstrated that the ScolioGold method was associated with a significant improvement in factors measured across both the SRS-30 and EQ5D5L questionnaires. Click the button below to view the results in full.

View the full research report >

If you’d like to find out more about our ScolioGold treatment programme, or if you’d like to book a consultation, please get in touch with us today.