Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis affects approximately 4 out of 100 adolescents worldwide. When the number’s that high, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we often treat adolescent scoliosis suffers from other parts of the world who do not wish to undergo surgery.
Scoliosis Patient from Malaysia
This was the case with Adha, who found out she had scoliosis through a clinic who visited her school in Malaysia in April 2016. Here’s her story:

Scoliosis Case Study: Adha From Malaysia

Adha was diagnosed with scoliosis in April last year by local clinic staff who visited Adha’s school. Each pupil in the school was checked and Adha was one of the three pupils who received a scoliosis diagnosis. 
After she was diagnosed with scoliosis, Adha and her father visited three specialist hospitals to see 3 different orthopaedic surgeons, and each one recommended that Adha go in for surgery to correct her scoliosis. Because Adha’s curve surpassed 40 degrees, she was considered a severe case and a suitable candidate for spinal fusion surgery.
However, Adha and her family decided against surgery and instead looked for alternative means of combating her spinal curve. Through searching on the internet, they found the Scoliosis SOS Cinic in London and read about the treatment courses we provide for people suffering from scoliosis. Adha’s brother happened to be studying in London at the time, so they decided to come here for treatment.
Adha and her father arrived at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic for Adha’s first consultation in the summer of 2016. After an initial consultation, they decided to go ahead with a full four-week course and stay in our London-based accommodation.
After the completion of the four-week course, Adha’s curvature has visibly improved and both she and her father are really pleased with the results.  Their advice for anyone else in Malaysia suffering from scoliosis is to try out the ScolioGold programme, as it is a great alternative to surgery. 
Here’s an interview with Adha and her father that we conducted after she completed her treatment course:
No matter where in the world you live, if you are suffering from a curved spine, we would love to hear from you. Contact Scoliosis SOS today to arrange an initial consultation – this can be carried out via Skype or over the telephone if you don’t live anywhere near London.