Scoliosis in Males
It’s a well-known fact that scoliosis is significantly more common in females than in males. It is not entirely clear why this should be the case, but the numbers are very clear: from age 10 onwards, female scoliosis sufferers outnumber male scoliotics 6 to 1. (Interestingly, it also appears that scoliosis is a lot more likely to be severe in female patients.) This gender imbalance is reflected in the demographics of the people we treat here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic. If you take a look at our Patient Experiences page – where you can watch interviews with numerous Scoliosis SOS patients past and present – you’ll notice that the vast majority of the people sharing their stories in those videos are female.

Men and boys are affected by scoliosis too!

However, to assume that scoliosis only affects women and girls would be a misconception. Scoliosis in males is far from a freak occurrence – remember, this condition can be found in hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and even if you only counted male scoliosis sufferers, your total would still fall somewhere between the entire population of Australia and the entire population of Canada. Indeed, we have treated many men and boys here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, and our exercise-based ScolioGold programme has proven that it is an effective alternative to spinal fusion surgery regardless of the patient’s sex.

Case study: Jamie Kaye

Jamie Kaye is a boy from London who came to us as a teenager when he was studying at the famous BRIT performing arts school in Croydon. He had been diagnosed with scoliosis several years prior – when we met him, he had a Cobb angle of around 48 degrees, but he was not yet able to go in for surgery because he was still growing (not that he was particularly keen to have surgery anyway!). Jamie’s spinal curvature was having an adverse effect on his studies. While performing, he frequently found that his teachers would comment on his poor posture, but because of his condition he was finding it difficult to correct. He was also experiencing back pain as a result of his scoliosis. Watch the video below to find out how Jamie was helped by the non-surgical treatment techniques that we use here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic:
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