Orthotics & Insoles for Scoliosis

Scoliosis insoles / orthotics are custom-made devices created to help improve the effect of scoliosis on the patient’s feet and legs. In particular, orthotics for scoliosis sufferers are designed to help correct leg length discrepancy and limit abnormal motion within the body. The change in pressure from your feet can help to limit the progression of scoliosis over time.

Will scoliosis orthotics help me?

If you suffer from scoliosis and uneven legs or flat feet, scoliosis orthotics could help improve your condition. Leg misalignment often occurs when the patient’s spinal curvature causes their pelvis to become uneven, making one leg appear longer than the other. This is known as functional leg length discrepancy (as opposed to an anatomical leg length discrepancy) because the legs aren’t really different lengths. Unfortunately, a functional leg length discrepancy puts excess pressure on the back muscles, and this can lead to scoliosis progressing faster. This is why insoles / orthotics are sometimes prescribed to scoliosis patients.

How do insoles and orthotics work?

When scoliosis orthotics are prescribed, the patient is given custom-made insoles to wear in their shoes. These help to reduce the leg length discrepancy (or, in the case of flat feet, raise the flattened foot arch). The insoles help to arrest the progression of scoliosis, as they help reduce muscle imbalances around the spinal area. Orthopaedic shoes, inserts, and heel lifts are all utilised as forms of orthotic treatment for scoliosis. These types of support help to reduce pain in the hip, leg, and back.

Can orthotics cure scoliosis?

Orthotics and shoe inserts cannot ‘cure’ one’s spinal curvature, but they can help to relieve some of the painful side effects of this condition. They can also help prevent further curve progression in younger patients who are still growing. Likewise, orthotic treatment cannot cure leg discrepancies or symptoms such as flat feet. They can help improve these conditions and relieve the patient from pain, but insoles for scoliosis will not cure the patient of their condition. If you’re looking for other methods of treating scoliosis without the need for surgery, we provide physical therapy courses here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic. Our four-week course can improve your curvature dramatically – see the results for yourself here. Contact Scoliosis SOS today to arrange an initial scoliosis consultation. Image courtesy of pixabay.com