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Jessie Bowen (23 years old)

Jessie Bowen
Canadian girl, Jessie Bowen was diagnosed with scoliosis just weeks after her 14th birthday.

The news came as a huge shock to her family as Jessie had always been extremely fit and active. Flexibility had never been a problem for her, so being told that she was uneven and that she had a poor posture was devastating.

After the initial diagnosis Jessie was sent to see a spinal specialist, it was at this point that the family were told that surgery was urgently required.

This was unwelcome news for Jessie, who was swimming on a daily basis and spent a considerable amount of her spare time hiking and cycling. She was told that the operation would involve having metal rods inserted in her spine and that she would need a minimum recovery period of 6 months, putting an end to her social activities and her plans to pass her exams with A grades.

Desperate to avoid the surgery Jessie’s family searched the internet for an alternative. It was not until a few years later that they discovered the SOS clinic in the UK.

Initially the family made the decision that the treatment was going to involve spending too much money and would mean Jessie would have to take too much time out of school. However after endless discussions and one final consultation with the surgeon it was decided that if they did not try exercise therapy, Jessie would be put on the waiting list for the operation.

In a frantic state, the family contacted the SOS clinic and asked when the next available course place was. Luckily a patient had just called to postpone which meant there was availability on the course starting 7 days later.

The family did not hesitate and booked Jessie onto the course. By this point they had not even thought about flights or about the cost, all they were concerned about was avoiding the risky operation.

Following four weeks of intensive exercise therapy Jessie is a changed person. Her cosmetic appearance is noticeably improved and her pain has disappeared.

Throughout her time at the clinic she learnt about her condition and why she was experiencing pain. She also learnt about physiotherapy and how rewarding the work was.

When Jessie returned home, not only was she pain free and off the surgery waiting list but she had a new dream. Her dream was to become a physiotherapist and start providing long term care to patients with complex conditions.

Just over 2 years on and Jessie is a qualified physiotherapist practicing in North Canada. She has learnt the skills to prevent her own pain and is using her knowledge to improve other patients' quality of life.

"I never thought when I went to scoliosis SOS that I would gain so much. I never knew what I wanted to do as a career, but throughout the time I spent at the clinic it just clicked and I realised how important physiotherapy work is. I am now working with patients and teaching them about their various conditions. I can’t explain how grateful I am to the SOS clinic as without them I may have lost my flexibility forever."

If you or a loved one suffer from scoliosis and want an alternative to surgical treatment, please contact the Scoliosis SOS Clinic today to arrange an initial consultation.

Whether you live in Canada or elsewhere in the world, we would be happy to hear from you – consultations can be conducted remotely via telephone or Skype, and we can provide comfortable accommodation for all of our overseas patients.
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All of you are doing a great job and giving people hope. Your enthusiasm and hard work will never be forgotten.

Victoria, 20 from Cheltenham

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