Freya Stenberg (12 years old)

Freya Stenberg
Freya was just ten years old when she was diagnosed with a condition which could have meant a complete change of lifestyle.

Always a keen and passionate gymnast, slim Freya was always in minimal clothing whilst she was practicing for competitions. This was how her mother initially noticed the hump appearing on her back.

Almost immediately she mentioned her concerns to Freya’s gym instructor who said that she had noticed and that she had seen this before. She went on to explain to Freya’s mother that she thought it could be a condition known as scoliosis.

Freya’s mother had never heard of the condition before and panicked when she was told it involved the spine curving. When she returned home she got straight on the Internet and started to research scoliosis along with other spinal deformities. Devastated when she started to read into the problems that scoliosis can cause, she was also extremely concerned to discover that the main course of treatment would be spinal fusion surgery.

In a state of shock, Freya’s mother made a doctor appointment. It was then that her daughter’s scoliosis was confirmed.

What came next was enough to leave any family in tatters. The doctor went into detail about the surgery Freya would need; not sparing the gory details the procedure would involve, he then went on to tell Freya that she would have to give up her gymnastics forever. The Stenberg family were outraged; besides being protective over their daughter, they were also very much aware of how dedicated she was to her hobby.

Freya’s mother was desperate to find an alternative to surgery; however she knew that she did not have time on her side. She had read how children are at the greatest risk of progression throughout their major growth spurt, and knowing that Freya was just ten sparked her into a panic.

Just at the point when she thought that she had no option but to sign the disclaimer for her daughter to have metal rods fitted, a friend contacted her with the details of a clinic in the UK.

Freya’s mother got on the internet straight away and started to look into the results the clinic had achieved with past patients. She started to realise that there was still hope for her daughter to avoid surgery; hence she rang the clinic with her details.

Whilst on the telephone the clinic’s consultant explained to the family that Camilla could continue participating in gymnastics and there was nothing that her scoliosis would not stop her from doing. He also explained to them why progression occurs and expressed the importance of taking action sooner rather than later.

Freya knew this was the right treatment for her as soon as she was told that she would be able to continue with her gymnastics. She was prepared to do anything and work as hard as it took so long as she could continue with her passion.

As soon as her mum put down the telephone she started to look up flights, determined to try and help her daughter in any way she could.

Just a few weeks on and Freya is back at home, practicing her gymnastics without the constant worry that she will need major surgery. She has improved her posture and physical appearance and she is now determined to compete at a professional level. Having alleviated her pain, she is certain that she made the right decision. Before she began suffering from pain, Freya loved horse riding and would spend hours riding through the fields, however due to her pain she had to give this up. Now, pain free, she is back in the saddle and her parents are in the process of buying her a new horse.

"Flexibility for my daughter was paramount, so surgery was never really an option. I am overwhelmed by the results this clinic has achieved in the four years it has been open and I can’t wait to return for Freya’s next top up day."

Do you suffer from scoliosis or a similar spinal condition? We treat patients from all over the world, so no matter where you live, please feel free to contact Scoliosis SOS for more information about our internationally-renowned treatment courses.
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The course was excellent and I feel I have really benefited from being here. My therapist has been a wonderful teacher, so enthusastic, kind and understanding. I could not have wished for a better team to look after me.

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