Naomi Saguna (18 years old)

Naomi Saguna
I was diagnosed with adolescent scoliosis when I was just twelve years old. At that age I didn’t understand what the condition was all about. It didn’t seem like anything I needed to worry about until I got older and I started to notice that my curve was getting worse.

I went to physiotherapy, did exercises and I even wore a brace. However I never really felt like I was doing enough.

Eventually I was told that my only option would be to have major spinal fusion surgery. I was totally distraught. The thought of losing my flexibility and not being able to dance horrified me. I was determined to find an alternative.

My physiotherapist suggested that I look on the internet. It was at this point I discovered the Scoliosis SOS clinic in England. I liked the sound of what they were doing, as they use a number of non-surgical methods to get the best results and I decided to research further. The more I read about the clinic the more confident I felt that I had found the answer I was looking for.

Once I had explained to my family what the treatment would involve, they were all very supportive and encouraged me to go for it.

I then spent a month at the Scoliosis SOS centre in Suffolk, doing 7 hours of exercises a day. I used various equipment including wall bars, poles and beanbags. I was taught how to stand in a new corrected posture which kept my spine as straight as it could possibly be. At the beginning I could only hold my new posture for a matter of minutes. However as the weeks went on my back became stronger and I was able to hold my corrections for longer. The aim of the exercises was to strengthen and rebalance the muscles in my spine. This would mean that they would be able to support my spine in a more central position.

Scoliosis SOS was always very honest with me and they never told me once that they would be able to make my condition go away. Although what they did say was that this new way of standing would mean that my scoliosis would stabilise and not progress or get any worse.

Scoliosis SOS also guided me on how to live my life. They gave me so much knowledge that I now know how to control my condition. I also understand my condition better than I could have ever imagined. I was taught all the little things like how to stand, sit and lift things without causing my back any damage.

I returned to Malta with a completely new outlook on life. I have a new positive attitude and I am determined to continue with my exercises. I am also pleased to say that my curve has actually decreased and I have grown two centimetres!

I have been able to continue with my dancing and I am now studying for my exams.

At such a young age it’s hard to appreciate how dangerous the condition can be. However I urge you not to sit back and wait for your back to deteriorate. DO exercise, DO go swimming, DO go to Scoliosis SOS and DO improve your posture. Even if you end up having surgery you will prevent your back from reaching its potential worst. DO NOT under estimate scoliosis. It is a tough battle but do not give up. With enough determination you really CAN fight the curve.

If you would like to travel to England to attend one of our exercise-based scoliosis treatment courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us today – we would be more than happy to arrange a consultation via Skype or telephone call.
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Thank you for opening this clinic - your dream has changed my world. My life has changed forever, thanks to you! Don't stop the great work that you have developed, and I hope that you continue making people's lives easier to live.

Esther, 13 from Australia

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