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Katla Björnsson (22 years old)

Katla Björnsson
Twenty-two year old Katla from Iceland had modelled all her life. Having long blonde hair and blue eyes meant that she had constantly been noticed and extremely successful. She was a very confident young lady and always felt comfortable in front of a camera. However all this changed when she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Her confidence dropped dramatically and for the first time in her life she became very self-conscious of her figure.

For Katla surgery was never an option. She would lose a lot of work if she had to spend weeks recovering from a spinal operation. Being in hospital would also mean that she was unable to exercise and keep fit.

Her appearance was her livelihood and she knew she had to find a successful non-invasive treatment and fast.

Katla spent hours on the internet searching and reading about clinics which claimed to offer basic physiotherapy for scoliosis. However she was not convinced they would do any good until she came across Scoliosis SOS in the UK.

Treatment consisted of four weeks of intensive exercises, specifically tailored to her spinal condition and symptoms. Katla was not afraid of hard work as she had always been very fit, healthy and loved physical activity. Nor was she afraid of coming to England for treatment as she was used to travelling all over the world for modelling shoots.

"Unfortunately, as I had delayed my decision and left it until the last minute to book my place, there wasn't space on a course until three months later. Due to the clinic’s popularity, demand for treatment is high, especially during the summer and so it is advisable to book early."

Nevertheless the three months passed and it was time for Katla to fly to England. On arrival she was more nervous than she thought she would be.

"Looking back I realise that the reason I was so anxious was because my whole career was riding on this treatment being successful!"

Katla completed her four weeks of ScolioGold therapy in May last year and has returned to her modelling career with a better posture than ever.

"My career has always been so important to me and the idea of having my spine fused completely terrified me! I know I made the right decision, I have regained my confidence and am back in control again!"

If you are interested in travelling to the UK for effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment, please get in touch today to arrange an initial consultation.
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The course was excellent and I feel I have really benefited from being here. My therapist has been a wonderful teacher, so enthusastic, kind and understanding. I could not have wished for a better team to look after me.

Deirdre, 43 from Scotland

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