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Lauren Adams (16 years old)

Lauren Adams
My name is Lauren, I am 16 years old and I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12. I was always very fit and active and loved playing sports. So when I was told that I would need a nine hour operation which would mean bed rest for weeks I was devastated.

To be honest I didn’t really understand what scoliosis was, all I knew was that my back looked different! Being so young my appearance was a huge thing for me and I initially took the diagnosis very badly. The consultant I saw was very narrow minded and told me that my only option would be to have major spinal fusion surgery.

The surgery involved being under anaesthetic for at least nine hours if not longer and the risks were horrendous. If the procedure went wrong I could have ended up paralysed! As you can imagine I was terrified and I didn’t have clue which way to turn.

Luckily my mum was very supportive and immediately started looking for alternatives to surgery. It was at this point that she came across a Chiropractic Institute. The ideas they had seemed to make sense. They were also based in the United States which was a huge bonus, as the idea of travelling overseas whilst I was studying for my exams was not appealing.

After careful consideration I decided to go for chiropractic care as at this point it seemed like my only option other than having surgery. However after spending a considerable amount of time and money I was disappointed to discover that this chiropractic treatment was unsuccessful.

In desperation I got back on the internet and frantically searched for other non invasive treatments. It was then that I discovered Erika Maude. The more I read about her story the more I was inspired. I was also extremely excited to discover that Erika who wasn’t that much older than me had opened a clinic in Suffolk just outside of London.

I spent quite a lot of time researching the SOS clinic and decided to get my mum involved. I was very surprised at how keen my mum was, as she had already been let down by the clinic in the States and now I was asking her to look at a clinic all the way over in England. Nevertheless mum was as desperate as me to avoid the surgery and agreed to contact Scoliosis SOS for more information.

So I am sure you all know where this story is going now. Well you’re right as I decided to go for treatment in Suffolk. Mum and I gave up a lot in time and money to get me over there but it has been worth every second. In just four weeks my posture completely changed. My shoulders and hips are even and I feel like a new person.

For me the most important result was to be able to avoid surgery as it would have meant that I couldn’t play contact sports! I am still young and I want my flexibility, I wasn’t prepared to lose that or run the risk of being paralysed. Being from Texas it would have been great if I could have had this treatment in the States. However I do not regret going to the UK for one second. The whole clinic set up was amazing. The staff are very friendly and approachable - I would recommend ScolioGold treatment to anyone who wants to avoid surgery.

If, like Lauren, you are seeking an alternative to scoliosis surgery, please get in touch with the Scoliosis SOS Clinic today – our exercise-based treatment courses have helped scoliosis sufferers from all over the world to live richer, happier lives.
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I was amazed at the dedication of the team – you are all very special people, and thanks for giving me my waist back!

Sheila, 62 from Suffolk

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