Sabina Papadaki (20 years old)

Sabina Papadaki
Greek girl, Sabina was alarmed when a normal day at school turned into the start of a nightmare for her and her family, when she diagnosed with scoliosis during a school health check. She had never even heard of the condition before now and was extremely concerned.

"I was so confused when the nurse told me; I had no idea why I had this condition. All I was told was that my spine was curving to the side and that I would need an operation urgently to correct it."

Sabina was left in a state of shock. Suddenly she was different to her friends and her confidence took a dramatic turn for the worse. The family visited the local GP very soon after the nurse diagnosed scoliosis in the hope that Sabina’s condition wasn’t as bad as the nurse had made out. This was not the case and if anything the doctor said the opposite.

"I was so frightened; being told that I needed spinal fusion surgery left me in pieces. To be honest nobody really explained my condition in any detail to me. The information I was given was minimal and the health service provided very little support for how the diagnosis had left me feeling emotionally."

Sabina and her parents left the hospital feeling bitterly disappointed and let down. She was a keen swimmer and loved taking part in sports. Her family knew that if they allowed their daughter to have surgery her flexibility would be affected forever. In a desperate attempt to find an alternative her father started to search the Internet.

As the months went past Sabina’s curvature started to progress. The curve was now visible through her clothes forcing her to wear huge baggy jumpers to hide the condition.

"I was so embarrassed; I didn’t understand what was wrong with my back or why I looked so different to my friends. I wanted to wear the tight fitting clothes they wore but I was just too self conscious. I constantly felt like people were staring at me."

Her family were only too aware that Sabina’s spinal condition was getting worse. They knew something needed to be done, they just did not know what. As they had declined the treatment offered by the Greek health service and refused surgery they had left themselves just one option - to go abroad for treatment.

Sabina’s father had heard about Scoliosis SOS through a friend a few months after Sabina had been diagnosed. However, they had initially decided that travelling abroad would have been too impractical. Now after they had exhausted all their other options the family decided to enrol on a course of specifically designed physiotherapy at the SOS clinic in the UK.

"When my father first told me about this treatment I was sceptical. Spending four weeks in another country just wasn’t appealing. I knew it would mean missing out on school work and getting behind with exams, but I also knew that having the surgery would involve me having even longer off school. I didn’t really have a choice, as I just wanted to feel normal again."

Eventually after several weeks of planning Sabina arrived in England to begin her treatment course. Her parents had taken four weeks leave from work and relocated to accommodation within walking distance of the clinic. They were pinning all their hopes on this treatment working for their daughter.

After four weeks of treatment Sabina was a changed person, physically and emotionally.

"I cannot believe how much difference this treatment has made to my life! I am proud of my new appearance; my posture is so much better and I feel comfortable in clothes I just wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing before I came to the UK for treatment. I have also gained control of my life again. The educational part of my treatment has been fantastic, I have been taught so much about my condition and how I can prevent it from getting any worse. I never wanted to have spinal fusion surgery and now I will never have to!"

Whether you live in Greece or a different part of the world, we at Scoliosis SOS would be more than happy to welcome you to our clinic in London. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.
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