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Tina Barlow (41 years old)

Tina Barlow
Florida woman, Tina Barlow was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was 12 years old. The orthopaedic consultant told her there wasn’t much they could do. She was told to stay fit and active and to try to remain in good health. Besides from the minimal advice she was given, Tina was sent on her way.

Tina was fortunate. She was not affected physically or emotionally by her scoliosis until she reached her mid-thirties and had given birth to her third baby. After experiencing child birth for the third time, Tina started suffering from the occasional episode of back ache. The pain was far from pleasant but she battled on, trying her best to cope with it.

Then just two years later Tina was involved in a car accident and suffered various injuries, including whiplash. This sent Tina’s spine into a state of shock. For three months she was in excruciating pain to the point where she could not even get out of bed.

Eventually, as time passed, Tina began to recover; however she continued to experience severe flare-ups of pain every 8 months or so.

"I searched for an answer for nearly three years before I came across Scoliosis SOS. I was anxious to find a cure and some answers as to what was triggering my extreme outbreaks of pain. When I found the SOS clinic on the Internet, I was initially sceptical as it was such a long way to travel. However the pain I was suffering from was now overwhelming and I was desperate.

My scoliosis had never caused me any problems before now and I had had three successful pregnancies. However my doctor had suggested that childbirth and the car crash may have triggered my scoliosis problems.

I had seen so many articles on the internet regarding Erika Maude who was the founder of the clinic. She had also written about her experiences of having scoliosis and the non-surgical treatment she underwent. Having read such a personal account made my decision far easier as I felt I could relate to her story. This was extremely important for me especially as I was going to be travelling such a long way."

Just days before Tina made her decision to enrol on a treatment course, she got some devastating news; her daughter Sophia who had been having some back problems was also diagnosed with scoliosis.

"As a mother this news was heartbreaking, especially as I had been experiencing so much pain from the condition.

Although I was frightened I made the decision that I was going to go to the UK for treatment and I was going to take my daughter with me."

Following on from this treatment Tina and her daughter are now pain free. Tina has been given the knowledge and equipment to control her own back condition and to ensure that her daughter will never need major spinal fusion surgery.

"The treatment has been incredible. I took my health for granted before I started to suffer from constant back pain. When I was a child I never really understood my condition or what I could do to prevent my curve from getting any worse. I am adamant that Sophia will be kept well informed regarding her condition and I will ensure that she understands her own body. The clinic has given me and my family a new lease of life! Travelling overseas is a small price to pay for the expertise the therapists provide at the SOS clinic."

Tina isn’t the only person who has travelled from the USA to our clinic in London, England – we frequently treat scoliosis sufferers from America, and we are able to provide self-catering accommodation for our overseas patients.

To arrange an initial consultation (which can be conducted via Skype or over the phone), please contact Scoliosis SOS today.
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