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Jacoline White (69 years old)

Jacoline White
Jacoline was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was very young. However, as nothing was done to resolve the condition, she consequently suffered back pain throughout the whole of her adult life. That was until her daughter discovered the SOS clinic in the UK.

At the time Jacoline was diagnosed, scoliosis was not a very well researched condition and most doctors simply advised their patients to keep-up an active lifestyle and remain flexible. Jacoline tried various activities such as yoga and Pilates, accepted the information she had been given and attempted to continue with her everyday life.

She always had the worry of her spinal condition in the back of her mind, but she tried to ignore it and set about enjoying her teenage years.

"It wasn’t until I reached my thirties that I started to experience extreme back pain," recalls Jacoline. "By this point my spine was so severely twisted that the curve was now visible through my clothes. I was suffering from excruciating back pain on a daily basis and didn’t know which way to turn."

Returning to her doctor, she found herself referred to a specialist. This consultant prescribed a course of physiotherapy for the pain and put her straight on the waiting list for spinal fusion surgery.

Meanwhile her daughter, disappointed by Zimbabwe's health service and becoming increasingly concerned by the appearance of her mother’s back, started to search the Internet for scoliosis treatments and discovered the ScolioGold method.

By now Jacoline had been forced to give up her driving school business due to the excessive amount of pain she was in. Losing enthusiasm she ceased to embark on any new activity, convinced she would never be able to finish what she started.

Therefore when her daughter presented the SOS website to her she was understandably very excited. The course offered her hope for the first time; the only problem - distance. Although her daughter lived in the UK, Jacoline was still living in Zimbabwe; a 12 hour flight from the clinic. After several phone calls to the UK and emails being exchanged. Jacoline’s daughter called and booked her mother in for treatment.

Since completing the course Jacoline has noticed a fantastic improvement in her posture and physical appearance. She has also been able to decrease her pain and has regained control of her condition.

"My experience of attending the SOS clinic has been truly wonderful. The staff made me feel extremely welcome throughout my stay and I have achieved so much. Staying in the clinic's accommodation made things so much easier as the clinic was just a ten minute walk away!

The distance from Africa to the clinic was initially a slight deterrent, but it’s the best decision I have ever made and I am now looking forward to spending some time in England with my family, completely pain free. I am also looking forward to returning to work as a driving instructor and getting my independence back."

Click here to contact Scoliosis SOS and arrange an initial consultation with our scoliosis specialists. Whether you live in Africa or elsewhere in the world, we would be more than happy to welcome you to our clinic in London, England.
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To everyone at Scoliosis SOS - Many thanks for all your hard work and patience. You are a wonderful team making a real difference to people's lives.

Sally (mother of 15-year-old James) from Norfolk

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