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Samantha Rogers (35 years old)

Samantha Rogers
Sydney woman, Samantha Rogers was alarmed when she started to suffer from headaches and nausea along with constant back pain on a daily basis. Up until this point Samantha had always suffered from the occasional twinge in her back but nothing she couldn’t cope with. However the pain became so bad that her daily activities were being affected. She could no longer work to the standard she was used to working at and her relationship with her husband was starting to become strained.

"I decided that enough was enough and booked an appointment to see my chiropractor. I knew that my back needed some work but I never imagined I would be told such devastating news. Almost as soon as I was told I had scoliosis I started looking for alternative treatments to surgery. I knew right from diagnosis that I didn’t want an operation. I was frightened of the pain and even more terrified of the risks."

Samantha and her husband found Scoliosis SOS through the internet. It took them a while to decide to come over to England for treatment as was such a long way for them to travel. However, her pain got so severe that she was left with no alternative but to take a chance and book in for treatment.

During the weeks before she started treatment, Samantha was very anxious. Her whole life was balancing on the results of a clinic she had never even visited.

She had spent weeks preparing herself and had very mixed feelings when the day finally arrived for her to go to the airport. The accommodation was booked and so was the treatment course, there was no backing out now.

On arrival at the clinic Samantha and her husband were both visibly nervous. She now had four weeks of intensive exercising to do and her husband faced spending the next four weeks in a foreign country on his own. However, within a few days Samantha knew she had made the right decision.

By the end of week one she was noticing a change. Her pain was improving on a daily basis and her husband had started commenting on her posture and physical appearance. By week four Samantha had gained a massive amount of confidence and had become a different person.

"I cannot believe what a transformation this treatment has made to my life! I am now absolutely pain free. The pain I was experiencing was taking over my life and I felt as though I was letting certain work opportunities pass me by. I had studied for my business degree and I just felt like it was being wasted. Since I have returned to Australia so many people have commented on my back and for the first time in my life they are good comments and I am finally proud to be who I am."

Whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, or another part of the world entirely, we would be happy to welcome you to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London, England. Click here to contact us and arrange an initial consultation (this can be conducted remotely via Skype or over the phone).
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something to help me improve my back. Your clinic gave me an alternative.

Pauline, 41 from Malta

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