Amita Shah (22 years old)

Amita Shah
Amita was diagnosed with scoliosis approximately twelve years ago around her 10th birthday.

Immediately after diagnosis Amita was fitted with a back brace. She was told that she would need to wear it for at least 23 hours a day and could only take it off to bath or shower.

The brace was very uncomfortable and the plastic caused sores to form where the skin had broken. Despite this her family were very supportive and encouraged Amita to continue with what the doctor had told her to do.

By the time Amita was 15 years old, she was told that she had stopped growing. This was something to celebrate as it meant that her scoliosis had stopped progressing, or at least this was what they were informed. Amita finished wearing the brace and was discharged from the hospital.

Positive that Amita was now fit and healthy, the family continued with everyday life. It was not until Amita hit her early twenties that she began to suffer side effects caused by her scoliosis. The problems started off being just the occasional ache or twinge down one side and over her shoulders but this gradually got worse and by the time Amita was 21 she was in almost continuous pain.

At that point she was studying for her exams, which caused huge problems, especially as she was not able to sit still for long periods of time. She would constantly have to move around to relieve her back and playing sports was out of the question.

Amita’s father decided to make her an appointment to see a spinal specialist. Once again she was told that there was nothing they could do. As far as the specialist was concerned she had stopped growing and therefore it was out of his hands.

Amita was also told that her pain was not related to her scoliosis as scoliosis does not cause pain. This information just added to Amita’s problems as she was now left extremely confused and concerned about what was actually going on in her back.

The Shah family went to see several experts to get a range of opinions; however no one was willing to help. The only option they were given, as a final resort, was spinal fusion surgery.

Those words alone gave Amita nightmares. Major spinal surgery would have meant at least 4 months off work and having just qualified Amita could not afford any absenteeism.

Amita decided that she would just have to put up with the pain; however miserable it made her feel. With no explanation and no one that would help, she felt totally alone. Some of the specialists had even made her feel like a fraud, saying that scoliosis does not cause pain!

Several months passed and Amita was offered an opportunity to work in the UK. Whist researching possible places to stay in London, Amita stumbled across Scoliosis SOS. A spinal clinic which had helped hundreds of patients to reduce their pain.

Amita was excited, and contacted the centre for further details. She was given a great deal of information which gave her the explanation she had been waiting for most of her adult life; scoliosis can cause pain, but it is treatable.

Since coming for a four week course of treatment, Amita has rediscovered her social life as she is no longer suffering from pain. If she does get the occasional twinge she knows what to do to relieve her symptoms and make the pain disappear.

"It was fantastic being given an explanation as to why I was suffering from pain. I was starting to accept that I would have pain for the rest of my life. Sometimes I even started to question myself and whether I was just imagining it! No one understands how debilitating pain is until they suffer from it themselves. I owe everything to Scoliosis SOS, I wish I had found the clinic sooner, I really do."

Amita is one of the many scoliosis sufferers we have welcomed to our clinic from overseas. If you would like to learn more about the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, how to get here, and the accommodation we can provide during your treatment course, please click here to get in touch.
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Thank you very much for all of your support and guidance over the last few months. You have taught me to be confident with my scoliosis. Thanks for all your hard work.

Katie, 16 from Kent

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