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Chris Lipman (33 years old)

Chris Lipman
Six months I waited for a referral to see a specialist! My condition was getting worse. I was in constant pain and my lung capacity was deteriorating. I loved surfing and my life was seriously being affected by a condition I was only diagnosed with when I was 30 years old.

After waiting months for advice from a specialist all I was told they could do for me was surgery! Having metal rods fitted down my spine was not my idea of an answer. Ok, so it may be a short term fix, but what happens in 20 years time when a screw gets loose or a rod breaks!

To be honest what the surgeon told me really frightened me. I was a bit nervous of hospitals at the best of times and now I was facing having to spend at least 9 hours under a general anaesthetic and weeks recovering in a spinal ward!

Living in Australia, I had very few options. I either listened to the surgeon and went ahead with having my spine fused or I looked for an alternative. The problem I had was that I didn’t do either. I did what so many people do when they are scared and buried my head in the sand.

Just months after my diagnosis, I was in agonising pain. My scoliosis was progressing and fast and although I was nervous of what my specialist would say I returned to the hospital for advice. It was at this point that I decided to have some injections into my spine. I was promised instant pain relief after a very short procedure and decided that I didn’t have too much to lose.

However a few weeks after I had my injections and I was still in pain! Once again I felt I had been let down by the health service.

Enough was enough and I started to search for alternative treatment options. I was still determined to avoid surgery but I needed to do something! It was at this point I came across Erika Maude. When I read into her story in more detail I realised that she had wanted to avoid the surgery just as much as me and as a result, had opened up a non-invasive treatment centre in the UK.

On an impulse I booked in for four weeks of treatment. I had always wanted to travel to England and decided that if I could avoid surgery then a 24 hour plane journey was well worth it.

The money wasn’t easy to get hold of as I was never very good at saving. However after I had explained to my parents how important the treatment was and how it could mean that my pain would go away they were more than happy to help me.

I have never felt so proud of myself as I did on the day I finished my treatment course. Being presented with my before and after photograph and my results was an overwhelming experience in itself. However for me, the fact that my pain had disappeared from the third day of treatment, meant that every penny I had spent was worth it.

I am now back on the water surfing and I have never felt as straight as I do today. The one thing I have learnt from all of this is to never take your health for granted.

We often treat scoliosis sufferers who have travelled from the other side of the world to receive effective non-surgical treatment for their condition. If you live in Australia and you’d like to learn more about our treatment courses, please contact Scoliosis SOS today.
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Thank you for opening this clinic - your dream has changed my world. My life has changed forever, thanks to you! Don't stop the great work that you have developed, and I hope that you continue making people's lives easier to live.

Esther, 13 from Australia

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