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Lily Cookson (22 years old)

Lily Cookson
"I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was just twelve years old. Finding out that I had such a serious condition was a huge shock. I had always known that my back wasn’t quite right but I never imagined that I would be faced with such a traumatic operation to rectify it.

I was told that my scoliosis was too severe for any other treatment other than surgery, and was given just days to decide whether I should go ahead. Luckily I decided to challenge my specialist and I was told that I could be fitted with a Boston brace.

The brace was uncomfortable and I hated it. It affected my self esteem and my confidence very badly and I didn’t feel like it was doing anything! Nevertheless I continued wearing it for 23 hours a day. I had always suffered from pain and although I knew that the brace wasn’t going to stop it, I certainly didn’t think it would get worse whilst wearing it!"

After two years of misery, Lily’s mother decided to step in and ask her consultant what the alternatives to wearing this brace were. It was at this point that they were told by the surgeon; ‘Your daughter’s only chance of having a normal life would be to have her spine fused’.

Lily and her family were left once again, devastated. “It felt like being hit in the face with a ton of bricks,” she recalls.

Although Lily and her family were very opposed to surgery, they were also sensible and decided to consider all options. They started to look into exercise treatment and quickly became very interested. The only problem was that the clinic they were interested in was thousands of miles from home.

Scoliosis SOS situated on the other side of the world offered a four week course of intensive physiotherapy and sounded like the answer the Cookson family had been looking for.

"I have just finished my four week course at Scoliosis SOS and I am totally amazed with the results! Don’t get me wrong the last four weeks have not been easy and it WAS scary coming to the UK for treatment, but I would do the 24-hour flight 10 times over to get the results I have got through exercises and most importantly to avoid surgery!"

We have treated many Australian patients like Lily, so if you are interested in travelling to our clinic in the UK and attending one of our internationally-renowned scoliosis treatment courses, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to arrange an initial consultation via Skype or phone call.
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To everyone at Scoliosis SOS - Many thanks for all your hard work and patience. You are a wonderful team making a real difference to people's lives.

Sally (mother of 15-year-old James) from Norfolk

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