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Nadia Browne (14 years old)

Sara Van Zandt
Just months after Nadia underwent treatment at the SOS clinic in London, the American Girl is back at school and participating in all the extracurricular activities she enjoyed before she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Nadia and her family were horrified when they discovered that she had scoliosis. They had never even heard of the condition before and were devastated when they were told that she would need surgery. Nadia had always been such an outgoing child. She had lots of friends and loved sports with a passion. However after her diagnosis, she became withdrawn and kept her feelings to herself.

"I was terrified. I am nervous of hospitals as it is, so when I was told I could need a 9 hour operation I just froze. I kept telling myself that this could not be happening to me," Nadia remembers.

The diagnosis shocked the Browne family, their daughter had never shown any signs of being different to her friends and her back had always looked perfectly normal. Although the thought of surgery alarmed the family, they were given no other treatment choices.

"The operation wasn’t something I wanted for my daughter so I decided to start searching for an alternative treatment. It was then that I discovered a local chiropractor and after an initial consultation he managed to convince me that he could slow Nadia’s progression down," explained her mom. "I was ecstatic; finally someone was offering my daughter treatment which did not involve a knife."

Nadia’s mom immediately booked her in for 6 sessions. After the six sessions finished she was encouraged to book a further set of sessions for her daughter. This continued for two years. Throughout this time they were still visiting the orthopaedic surgeon who was starting to become increasingly concerned about Nadia’s Cobb angle.

"It was made clear to me that I had to make a decision sooner rather than later. It was obvious that the chiropractor had just been making money out of me as Nadia’s scoliosis had not improved during those two years; if anything it had got much, much worse!" recalls mom.

Nadia’s parents began their Internet mission in search of an alternative to surgery. It was at this point that they came across Scoliosis SOS.

The only issue - this treatment was in the UK, hundreds of miles away. However, after careful consideration, the family decided that the opportunity to save their daughter from needing a risky surgical proceedure was well worth the journey and they enrol Nadia on a ScolioGold course.

Four weeks of treatment later and Nadia’s mom is delighted with the results her daughter has achieved. Not only has her physical appearance improved dramatically, her spinal rotation has reduced too; but best of all, the Browne family were overjoyed to learn that Nadia will no longer need to have surgery.

"I am so grateful to Scoliosis SOS, I have been able to return to all my sports lessons and no longer suffer any pain. I also feel in control of my condition. Being told you need to have a major operation is incredibly scary and I am so glad the SOS clinic gave me an alternative. I am passionate about sports and know that if I had chosen to have my spine fused with rods I would not have been able to play any contact sports ever again!"

Whether you live in the USA or elsewhere in the world, we would be more than happy to welcome you to the Scoliosis SOS Clinic. Click here to arrange an initial consultation (this can be conducted via Skype or telephone call if necessary).
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All of you are doing a great job and giving people hope. Your enthusiasm and hard work will never be forgotten.

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