Why do ScolioGold Virtual Therapy?

The ScolioGold Virtual Therapy is a 1:1 virtual therapy for scoliosis that focuses on your individual needs and requirements to improve scoliosis symptoms. With virtual scoliosis therapy, your therapist will be able to teach you new exercises and adjust existing ones to ensure that they are suitable for you.

Scolio Virtual Therapy
Home Virtual Therapy

What are the time schedules?

The fact that you can roll out of bed and start exercising immediately without travelling anywhere means that the treatment is a lot more accessible for you, as our patient!

The 1:1 sessions run from 09:00-18:00 BST daily and we run 2 group sessions per day (from 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00).

How does it work?

An initial consultation is required, often via Skype, where a virtual scoliosis assessment will take place. This involves a consultant discussing your medical history and diagnosis, symptoms, and any X-rays and other reports. This will help us better understand your situation and determine the best course of treatment for you.

Scolio Virtual Therapy

How long is the course?

The amount of virtual therapy that you will need can vary from person-to-person. We can offer you appointment times starting from 1 hour long, if you are a current patient who wants to check-in with their therapist. A virtual check-up appointment is recommended to be 2 hours long where most of the exercises on your home exercise programme can be checked.

We always recommend a more intensive pathway if you are a new patient - this is how our patients achieve their excellent results. Repetition is key not only to improve the muscle imbalance around the spine, therefore improving the position of the spine, but also to begin to retrain the neural pathways; to ensure the brain changes its idea of where the spine should be held. Our most intensive 1:1 course is 65 hours long and achieves similar results to that of our 4-week programme.

Virtual Check Up

What’s included?

  • Some of the exercises require no equipment, some exercises can be adjusted based on the pieces of equipment that you may already have (e.g. bands/balls/stools).
  • We can provide all of the equipment that we use at the clinic (via a delivery or collection service).
  • If you book a block of 40-64 hours of 1:1, you will receive a 5% discount on the total price. If you book a block of 65 hours, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price.

Our personalised online scoliosis treatment courses empower you to achieve lasting results. By the end of the program, you'll gain the confidence to recognise and maintain your corrected posture, seamlessly integrating it into your daily life – all without ongoing virtual scoliosis therapist support.

Ready to take charge of your scoliosis? Enrol in our virtual scoliosis treatment courses today!

For new patients, we highly recommend our intensive courses. This approach has yielded exceptional results. Repetition is key. It not only strengthens the muscles around your spine, leading to improved spinal alignment, but it also begins to retrain your neural pathways. This ensures your brain adapts to your new, corrected posture over time. Our most intensive 1:1 course is 65 hours long and delivers results comparable to our popular 4-week program.

Take control of your scoliosis. Learn more about our courses!

Our scoliosis treatment courses offer virtual scoliosis support to help you adopt habits and make lifestyle changes that can help improve the position of the spine and your quality of life. A virtual scoliosis therapist will be available throughout your treatment for guidance and support. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual consultation


Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

I have been seeing Chrissy at the SOS clinic for 6 and a half years so I was obviously unsure of how a virtual appointment at home would work. Apart from the obvious ‘hands on’ approach being unavailable and no scan or measurements everything else was great. Chrissy was, as always, efficient, knowledgeable and encouraging. As long as your device is fully charged, (with an extension lead nearby to recharge If need be), you communicate and position devices around correctly it will work very effectively.

I found it really beneficial for Chrissy to see my bars at home too and for her to be able to advise me where to position equipment during the exercises. She also emailed and posted my updated exercise schedule and advice regarding current exercises and new ones too.

We all sincerely hope this unprecedented and worrying situation will return to some normality in the not too distant future, however, for anyone who is due to have an appointment imminently I highly recommend a virtual one with your therapist. It will certainly benefit not only your physical but also your mental well-being.

Testimonial 3

Testimonial 4

I found the virtual session really good I didn’t think It would work very well but I was really surprised how well it went. I do think I benefited from this session in many ways such as being given new exercises and correcting the old ones I wasn’t doing correctly. My therapist was able to watch my back whilst doing the exercises.

My favourite aspect of the one-on-one session was you still could speak to your therapist and ask questions just like you could if you was in a session in London, and it was just as if you were seeing her in person. No I do not feel anything could’ve been done different. The advice I would give to someone who is considering doing a virtual session is the only thing you need to do is to keep moving your iPad or iPhone so the therapist can see your back at all angles but it is definitely worth doing overall and you do benefit from these sessions.

Testimonial 5

I had an online session with Chrissy and absolutely loved it! Even though there was two other girls also in the session, I received a lot of attention on my own personal exercises and queries. I was amazed by how well Chrissy was able to spot areas for improvement in my exercises across the camera, and I came away with some really useful tips and changes to my exercises.

I would recommend these classes for anyone - whatever your motivation for joining them! You can email the team before your class with specific things you want to achieve in the session, and they will make sure that they all get addressed! Thank you so much Scoliosis SOS!
My Patient
Meet The Team

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something to help me improve my back. Your clinic gave me an alternative.

Pauline, 41 from Malta

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