Scoliosis Solutions

We offer a non-surgical solution for the treatment of scoliosis.

The Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London is a specialist treatment centre offering exercise-based solutions for scoliosis patients. Our unique scoliosis treatment programme, ScolioGold, combines a number of non-invasive techniques including the world-renowned Schroth method to help improve your condition, relieve pain and achieve and long-lasting results. The solutions we offer can deliver:

  • Dramatically reduced pain
  • Visible curve reduction
  • Improved flexibility/mobility
  • Restored muscle balance

If you're exploring scoliosis solutions, our exercise-based treatment therapy is a great alternative to invasive scoliosis surgery and will help make you more flexible long-term. If you decide that surgery is the right solution for your scoliosis, our treatment courses can also help to speed up your recovery.

Similarly, you can combine our exercise-based therapy with your scoliosis bracing regime to help strengthen and restore muscle strength. While scoliosis bracing helps to stop your curvature from progressing, it also prevents you from using many of the muscles in your spine which can cause them to weaken.

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Testimonial: Phoebe from Crystal Palace

“All the physios have been so lovely and they've made my time here so enjoyable. I thought it would be quite clinical and like a hospital, but it's not! It's very relaxed and a lot of fun.”

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