How to Relieve Scoliosis Pain

We provide a non-surgical treatment option to help relieve scoliosis pain.

The Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London is a specialist treatment centre for scoliosis patients. Our unique scoliosis treatment programme, ScolioGold, combines a number of non-invasive techniques including the world-renowned Schroth method to relieve pain and achieve noticeable and long-lasting results. Our patients can expect to see:

  • Dramatically reduced pain
  • Visible curve reduction
  • Improved flexibility/mobility
  • Restored muscle balance

If you suffer from pain caused by scoliosis, our exercise-based treatment methods are a great alternative to scoliosis surgery that will teach you how to relieve and manage your scoliosis pain long-term. If you're experiencing scoliosis pain post-surgery, our scoliosis treatment courses can also be used to accelerate recovery and relieve your symptoms.

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Testimonial: Connor from Buckinghamshire

“Before treatment, I had really bad back pain to the point that I couldn't sit or stand. It stopped me going to work on some days. I had a great experience at the Scoliosis SOS clinic and doing the exercises at home has helped with my pain.”

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