Schroth Method Exercises

Here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, one of the methods we use to treat our patients is a set of techniques known as the Schroth method. It is possibly the best-known way to treat scoliosis without surgical intervention, and we have helped countless patients to improve their posture and other symptoms of scoliosis using this treatment method.

The Schroth method is named after Katharina Schroth, the German physiotherapist who devised this approach to scoliosis treatment. She suffered with scoliosis herself, and after making a very promising improvement with her condition, she decided to open up her own clinic. After Katharina's death, her daughter continued her work until 1995, when the clinic was sold to a large corporate organisation.

The Schroth method uses stretches and exercises to develop the inner muscles of the rib cage in order to change the shape of the upper truck and to correct the spinal abnormalities in all three planes of the body. This treatment method also places emphasis on the conscious correction of posture during day-to-day life.

Schroth Scoliosis Treatment

The exercises included in our ScolioGold treatment method help to improve the patient's scoliotic posture and breathing pattern with the help of proprioceptive and exteroceptive stimulation and mirror control.

What is the Rigo-Schroth method?

The Rigo-Schroth method is a modification of the Schroth method. Devised in the 1980s by a Spanish practitioner named Dr Manuel Rigo, it is based on much the same regime of stretches as the Schroth method itself; however, the Rigo-Schroth method is structured differently, with significantly more emphasis on the role of the therapist.

How do we use the Schroth and Rigo-Schroth methods?

Back when we first opened our clinic, our treatment courses were entirely based on the Schroth method, but over the years, we noticed that some aspects of scoliosis were not addressed through use of the Schroth method alone. So, to ensure that all aspects of each patient's condition are fully treated, we've combined the Schroth and Rigo-Schroth method with a number of other exercise-based / non-surgical treatment techniques to help provide our patients with a fully comprehensive treatment package.

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