Scoliosis patient from Cyprus
Here at Scoliosis SOS, we have treated patients from more than 70 different countries and territories in the last 12 months alone. One of those places is Cyprus: 15-year-old Maria Photiou came to us from Cyprus this year seeking a second opinion after her diagnosis at home. This is her story.

Scoliosis Cyprus: Maria’s Story

Maria was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11 by the school nurse, who used a scoliometer to measure the curve of her back. After this initial diagnosis, she went to the doctor and was told that she had to wear a brace due to her 32 degree sideways spinal curve. Maria wore her brace for about 3 years after that, but finally took it off when the doctor told her it was unlikely she would grow any taller. Unfortunately, the next summer she grew taller by around 2-3cm, meaning that her scoliosis increased yet further. Maria went back to the doctor and was told that her scoliosis had now reached 44 degrees and that surgery was needed to correct this. Maria searched for a second opinion while wearing a hard brace to stunt the growth of her scoliosis. Before coming to Scoliosis SOS, Maria tried exercising in the gym in Cyprus with an instructor to help improve her spinal curvature. She found out about Scoliosis SOS when she visited her sisters in the UK and discovered our Clinic while searching on the Internet. She then came here for an initial consultation last September. Maria decided to book a fast-track course, meaning that she only spent 2 weeks with us rather than the usual 4. She found our Scoliosis SOS instructors and the course very helpful, and though it could be challenging at times, she became accustomed to the exercises quite quickly. To complete the exercises, she did not wear her brace for many hours a day, and she found that she was experiencing no pain or aching. Her advice to anyone suffering from scoliosis in Cyprus and across the world is to always seek a second opinion and if that means you have to travel, you definitely should. She believes that scoliosis treatment is very important, and she would like to increase awareness of the condition. She thinks it’s best to find out about it when you’re younger rather than later because the issues can be more easily addressed then. Here is an interview with Maria that we conducted after the completion of her two-week course in our scoliosis clinic:
Maria is one of the many scoliosis sufferers we have welcomed from foreign countries. If you would like to learn more about the Scoliosis SOS Clinic and the treatment courses we provide, please click here to get in touch.