Scoliosis affects over 4% of the global population, meaning that millions of children and adults around the world are affected by this condition. There are a few different ways to treat scoliosis, but here at Scoliosis SOS, we treat scoliosis via a combination of well-established non-surgical spinal techniques – we call this the ScolioGold method, and it has helped countless scoliosis sufferers to overcome their symptoms and live a higher quality of life.
Sadly, many scoliosis sufferers worldwide do not have access to non-surgical treatment options, and so these people often have no choice in their own countries but to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Many patients find the thought of this procedure quite frightening, and choose to go overseas in order to access effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment.
Here at Scoliosis SOS, we’ve had the pleasure of treating patients from all over the world, some of whom have travelled thousands of miles to receive treatment at our London clinic. One memorable overseas patient was a girl named Amita, who travelled all the way from India to get treated here after being turned away by many specialists at home.

Case Study: Amita from India

Amita had been suffering from scoliosis for twelve years before she received treatment at our clinic. She was first diagnosed around the time of her 10th birthday, and shortly after that, Amita was fitted with a back brace and told she had to wear it for at least 23 hours a day, removing it only to bathe or shower. Amita found the brace very uncomfortable, and the rigid plastic eventually caused sores to form on her body. Despite this, she continued to wear the brace until she was fifteen, when she was told by the doctor that she had stopped growing and that, because of this, her spinal curve would now stop progressing.
Sadly, this wasn’t the case. When Amita was in her early twenties, she began feeling some side effects as a result of her scoliosis; these gradually got worse, and by the time she was twenty-one, she was in almost constant pain. This was an issue for Amita, as she was studying for her exams at the time and had to move every few minutes in order to relieve her back pain. The family decided to see a number of specialists to get a range of opinions; however, these specialists offered very little help, effectively telling Amita’s family that nothing could be done for her. The only option the family were given, as a final resort, was spinal fusion surgery – this was very daunting for Amita, as she had just entered the world of work, and major spinal surgery would mean taking at least 4 months off to recover. Amita decided that she would simply have to put up with her pain, no matter how excruciating it became.
Several months passed, and Amita was offered an opportunity to work in the UK. Whilst researching places to stay in London, she came across the Scoliosis SOS Clinic; Amita was excited, and contacted us for further details. She was given a great deal of information, and finally received the ray of hope that she had been awaiting for most of her adult life: scoliosis may cause pain, but it is treatable!
Since attending a four-week treatment course here at the Clinic, Amita is no longer suffering from chronic pain. Furthermore, thanks to our help and advice, she knows what to do to relieve her symptoms and make the pain disappear when she does get the occasional twinge.
Amita is one of the many scoliosis sufferers we have welcomed from foreign countries. If you would like to learn more about the Scoliosis SOS Clinic and the treatment courses we provide, please click here to get in touch.