Here at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic, we are lucky to have met – and proud to have treated – so many patients from all around the world. We strive to provide first-class non-surgical scoliosis treatment that enables our patients to avoid potentially invasive spinal fusion surgery. Our Schroth-based ScolioGold treatment method has changed the lives of so many people from different parts of the globe, but now, thanks to the opening of our brand new Bristol clinic, we are able to provide our therapy-based scoliosis treatment to more people right here in the UK! Our expansion into the South West enables individuals who have been diagnosed with scoliosis in or near Bristol to receive care and advice regarding their condition from our experienced and qualified practitioners – without the need to visit our flagship clinic in London. Here are several scoliosis patients from Bristol whom we’ve already treated:

Scoliosis sisters from Bristol

Rachel & Rebekah Manning

Rachel and Rebekah Manning were both physically active teenagers who enjoyed taking part in swimming, football and athletics when they started to experience episodes of severe back pain. They were soon diagnosed with scoliosis and were told that they’d each have to undergo a nine-hour operation to correct it. After extensive research, they found out about the Scoliosis SOS Clinic and the non-surgical treatment we offer.

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Nadia and Zaria article

Nadia & Zaria Chowdhury

Nadia, 26, became aware of her scoliosis when she started to experience difficulties at university. Her sister Zaria, 18, also started to suffer difficulties with walking before being diagnosed. When chiropractic treatment proved too expensive and other forms of therapy such as osteopathy didn’t work, they decided to try one last method of treatment to avoid spinal surgery.

Nadia and Zaria’s Scoliosis Story >


Amy Hewson on house

Amy Hewson

After suffering a severe episode of pain whilst on a school skiing trip, Amy (15) underwent an operation to remove her appendix. This was when her mother noticed one of her ribs sticking out slightly below her left breast. Worried, Amy’s mother took her to see their GP, who referred Amy to a specialist. She was later diagnosed with a 53-degree curve in her spine. As a result of her condition, Amy was told that her dream of owning a horse may have to be put off due to the dangers of falling off a horse after receiving spinal fusion surgery, the traditional treatment for scoliosis. Amy refused to consider surgery and sought out other treatment methods instead.

Amy Hewson’s Scoliosis Story >


Thanks to our newly-opened Bristol clinic, patients just like Amy now won’t have to make the journey to London to receive treatment for their scoliosis.

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If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis and would like to learn more about our non-invasive, exercise-based treatment course, please do not hesitate to get in touch.