Massage for scoliosis

If you have scoliosis, you may be accustomed to the back pain and stiffness that stem from the curvature of your spine. Massage is a method that’s often used to combat backache, but can massages help scoliosis patients specifically? The answer is that, while massage obviously cannot cure scoliosis, specialised massage treatments can be effective for treating the pain that arises from a misalignment of the spine.

Types of Scoliosis Massage

Using massage for scoliosis does not halt or reverse the curvature of the spine, but it can be a great form of pain management. Scoliosis massages have become popular due to their ability to reduce the – at times quite severe – back pain that sometimes occurs as a result of scoliosis.  There are five specific scoliosis massage methods that have been proven to provide relief:

Cranial-sacral therapy

This massage works by gently stimulating the restricted tissue around the spine. This massage therapy can help improve the functionality of the spine and reduce the amount of stiffness and back pain that the patient experiences.

Deep tissue scoliosis massage

Commonly associated with relieving back pain, a deep tissue massage also works for those suffering from scoliosis. Combined with stretching and neuromuscular therapy, this deep massage can reduce back pain by increasing the blood flow to the back, which in turn elongates tightened muscles.

Swedish massage

When used on patients with scoliosis, a Swedish massage can relieve back pain, along with headaches, insomnia and shallow breathing. This is a light pressure massage that uses a combination of smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements.

Sports massage

This rigorous massage technique can be beneficial for adults who have struggled with scoliosis pain for many years. A sports massage for scoliosis works to ease the restriction in the affected muscles.


Shiatsu massages for scoliosis apply pressure to the same trigger points targeted during acupuncture treatments. Though based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, this is actually a Japanese technique that also focuses on stretching/rotating limbs and joints to regain the balance of the body. Please note: If you have previously gone through surgery for your scoliosis, we would advise speaking with a medical professional before receiving any of these massages.

The Benefits of Scoliosis Massage

Alongside a noticeable reduction of back pain, scoliosis massages can also provide an array of other benefits. Here’s a look at just a few. 
  • Better sleep due to reduced pain
  • Increased mobility
  • Heightened circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better bodily awareness
Massage can improve not only the physical health but also the mental wellbeing of scoliosis sufferers. Scoliosis can have a very negative effect on one’s mental health, and by helping to improving quality of sleep, bodily awareness and mobility, massage therapy can lead to a much more positive state of mind.  If you are suffering from some of the symptoms of scoliosis, get in touch with Scoliosis SOS today to book an initial consultation. We can conduct consultations via Skype or over the phone if you live outside the UK.