World spine day

These days, the calendar is overflowing with specific dates dedicated to a cornucopia of themes, recognising everything from ‘World Chocolate Day’ to ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’. While events like those may seem a little unnecessary (although any excuse to eat chocolate is fine by us), one date that’s likely to be of particular interest to scoliosis patients is World Spine Day.  

What is World Spine Day?

Celebrated annually on the 16th of October, World Spine Day aims to raise awareness of back pain and spinal conditions. World Spine Day is a recognised date on every continent, with health professionals, schoolchildren and patients alike taking part across the globe. A key part of World Spine Day is promoting the importance of physical activity, good posture and healthy working conditions – all in aid of maintaining a healthy spine.  

A Global Issue

According to World Spine Day’s own statistics, it’s estimated that a billion people worldwide suffer from back pain, and that it’s the single biggest cause of disability on the planet. Anyone with scoliosis will likely be well aware of the importance of spinal health, and so this special day dedicated to raising awareness is a welcome addition to the diary.  

Get Involved with World Spine Day

World Spine Day has over 500 official organisational supporters across the globe, ranging from the NHS to the Hong Kong International Hula Association. However, you don’t need to be part of a larger organisation to participate. In fact, just about anyone can show their support and help to raise awareness of scoliosis and spinal health in general.  

How Can I Support World Spine Day?

If you have scoliosis or have seen the effects of scoliosis first-hand, why not share your story with others? Tales of triumph over adversity are great for providing hope and inspiration to others in a similar situation. Simply sharing your own success story or telling people what living with scoliosis is really like can have a profound effect on others and could provide motivation to someone in need.

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