At Scoliosis SOS Clinics, we use a radiation-free back scanning technology known as the Formetric system. This helps us to clinically measure and document patients’ progress before, during and after treatment. We also use it at any subsequent check-up appointments they may attend.  The advantages of this scoliosis measurement system are that unlike x-rays, which use harmful radiation, a Formetric scan is completely non-invasive and carries no risks regardless of how many times it is repeated.

Formetric radiation-free back scanning system

How does scoliosis Formetric measurement work?

A Formetric scan is a radiation-free surface topography measurement that enables a 3D reconstruction of the spine.  During a scan, a light projects a pattern of parallel lines onto the patient’s back and this is recorded by the inbuilt camera.  The scan is taken over a 10 second period to allow for minor differences in standing position and therefore produces a highly reliable measurement.  Biomedical software then analyses this captured image and generates a three-dimensional model of the patient’s posture and will highlight any asymmetries that may be present.

Why is radiation-free scoliosis measurement beneficial?

The average scoliosis patient who is diagnosed with the condition as an adolescent will have upwards of 25 full spinal x-rays during their lifetime. There are scientific concerns that repeated exposure to radiation increases the risk of breast cancer by 140%.  X-rays are commonly used to diagnose a scoliosis. However, non-invasive measurements have proven effective at monitoring the condition to detect any significant progression.

scoliosis measurement analysis

What can a Formetric scan measure?

From a scan your therapist will be able to calculate:

  • Spinal alignment
  • Any leg length discrepancies
  • Posture-related pain symptoms
  • Pelvic or spinal rotation
  • Hyper-kyphosis or lordosis
  • Muscular imbalances

Where can I get a scoliosis measurement scan taken?

All of our clinics have a Formetric scanner installed. Therefore, regardless of your location you can be sure of your therapist having access to a fast, clinically-accurate measuring system.  We offer a Formetric scan as part of our Initial Consultation. Patients attending for treatment will typically have a scan taken weekly (on our intensive courses) or every 10-20 sessions (for 1:1 care).

Call us on 0207 488 4428 to book an appointment for your radiation-free postural assessment.